About Workfeed

WorkFeed is a simple way for trades businesses to capture and share their work. Individual jobs can be posted to workfeed.co from the mobile app. People can then find tradies by browsing relevant work completed in nearby areas.

WorkFeed was designed by technology professionals who have spent years working with tradies on internet and search engine products. The idea came about after seeing how hard it is for businesses to manage their online presence in order to get the right customer enquiries.

Ultimately, when people need some work done on their home, they start searching in Google. But Google doesn’t have enough information to find the right business. That’s where WorkFeed comes in. Using WorkFeed people can see the type, frequency, location and quality of work done by a trades business and be comfortable that they are choosing the right one.

So, by using WorkFeed, businesses save time attracting the right enquiries, and people save time by finding the right business faster. Win, win!